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15-19 May 2023


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Craft a Life You Love



An online retreat for stitchers with a wholistic approach to creativity 


Discover new processes, improve your technique and get inspired with a wholistic approach that nurtures your well being.

Empowering you to CRAFT a life you love.

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Say yes to your creativity

You've got the materials, and you can't wait to use them!   


We will show you how to...

  • Make dedicated time for yourself to create and overcome procrastination
  • Learn new techniques to improve your stitching
  • Develop practices that stimulate new ideas and creativity
  • Achieve Zen through the creative process which brings clarity and peace of mind

You can have all these things without feeling overwhelmed. The best part: it can be simple.

Get inspired! 

20+ ARTISTS over 5 days will teach you methods you can use to get creative and find that exquisite feeling of Zen.


Get out of that Creative Rut

Too often as creatives we get stuck in a creative rut....

The Making Zen Online Retreat offers many different workshops and solutions to allow you to try new ideas and open you up for inspiration.


Make some 'Me Time'

Why is it that creating gets put at the bottom of our 'to do' list? 

We all know and feel the benefits of when we sit down and create, and this Online Retreat provides the incentive to make some well deserved 'Me Time.'


Learn New Techniques

How often have you seen something on Instagram that looks easy, but when you tried it yourself you realised it was harder than you thought? 

Don't worry, we've all been there! The workshops show you step by step how to create gorgeous things.


The details



The Making Zen Online Retreat will run from 
15 - 19 May, 2023 from 12 noon (Atlantic Daylight Time) with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.


I don't know about you, but I prefer to leave my house as little as possible. With that being said, you can tune into the retreat from anywhere with Internet access.

Summit Sessions: 

Four presentations will run daily, each running for about half an hour.

Presentations will be about 30 minutes in length. They will be available daily to encourage you to stop waiting for the right time and take action along with hundreds of other hand stitchers.


You'll also have access to a private group for the summit where we can gather and mingle before the retreat starts and share ideas and inspiration once MAKING ZEN begins.

Making Zen is proud to partner with...

 The Workshops

Spontaneous Stitching for Inner Wisdom

Lisa Agaran

Translating Nature Into Stitch: "Moss Textures"

Pippa Haynes 

For the Love of the Back Patch

Jody Alexander

Stacked Running Stitch

Mirjam Gielen

Making Fastenings

Liz Haywood

Make a Blessing Book!

Suzi Banks Baum

Story and Inner Wear Flower Power Stitching

Erika Maizi

Zippered Gusset Purse

Ellie Beck | PetalPlum

Ideas for Using Hand Stitched Pieces In Quilts

Blair Stocker

Water Soluble Weaves

Jayne Emerson

Shisha Samosas

Jo Avery

Upcycled Memory Jacket

Lori Siebert

Quilted Brooch

Heidi Parkes

Embroidering on Clothes

Miriam Polak

Upcycle a Shirt into Origami Bag with Sashiko

Kate Ward

Create Your Own Fabric with Paint

Liz Kettle

Living Life Through Needle and Thread

Yasmeen K Branton | Sand and Stars

Discover, Draw, Design: Developing mindful nature inspired patterns

Meredith Woolnough

How to Eco Print Socks

Victoria Martinez Azaro

Hand Embroidery + stitching on black fabric

Embroidery Art by Nat

Meet your summit host

Hi, I'm Kate!

I'm a textile artist with a love of travelling and the esoteric. Everything has the potential to become a new creative project, and because of this my house is literally scattered with these ideas.  

My goal is to empower you and give you permission to get creative, helping you to CRAFT a life you love.

Want to learn about my mission for the Making Zen retreat? Check it out here.


Love letters from past attendees

Comments in response to Making Zen Online Retreat in October 2022

Kim Saxe

"Making Zen is not to be missed! Whatever your level of expertise  - from beginner to expert, you will learn a lot & be inspired to try all sorts of new techniques & projects. Kate Ward is exceptional at pulling together a terrific group of teachers to spur us onwards! Thank you Kate!"

Rachel Irving

"Thank you so much for the amazing Zen Online Retreat. The timing was perfect for me and helped me deal with a stressful week. It provided me with so many ideas and encouraged me to make everyday. Thank you, I can’t wait to watch everything available on the All Access Pass and find pockets of creativity everyday."

Sharon Walker

"My second Zen retreat and I can't wait for the next one - I'm in awe of the quality of presenters.

Thank you Kate for making this retreat so enjoyable."

More love letters from past attendees

Comments in response to Making Zen Online Retreat in May 2022

Susan Pepper

"I spend a lot of time sewing alone and it was a fantastic experience to be part of a focused week in a community of people from around the world. We watched the same videos, played with techniques and shared the results. Thank you Kate."

Ilse Schnider

"Thanks a lot for keeping creativity flowing! I must say that joining has changed a world for me. As an experienced knitter with a big inner Monk I enjoyed discovering so many new techniques and seeing that exactitude and thriving for perfection can hem my creative flow."

Kelly Johnson

"I loved this experience so much! I’ve joined several artistic groups since COVID hit because I’ve been secluded at home (lung issues), and these groups have literally been life savers for me. The group of artists you put together, including yourself, have been top notch!

Buying the All Access Pass certainly has been worth it. I’ve been enjoying taking my time creating the various projects. "

It's time to...


  • Start making time for yourself so that you can develop your creative ideas and satisfy those creative itches
  • Get out of that creative rut and start making beautiful things you are proud of
  • Conquer the fear of making a mistake and getting it wrong and learn the easy way to do things 
  • Get over that negative self talk that you are not creative and realize that it's all about having fun
  • Stop doing things the hard way by trying to figure it out all by yourself - let us show you how!

Join us for the Making Zen Online Retreat today!


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Craft a Life You Love

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