Meet the  Artists

May 2024 


Ann Smith

Creating a Fabric-Scrap Bird Zipper Pouch

Ann is a textile artist living in the South San Francisco Bay Area at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Her art is inspired by a deep love of nature and the wildlife she sees in the woods near her home and on her travels. Sustainability lies at the heart of her creative approach, and she incorporates upcycled and repurposed materials in all of her work. Since 2020, she's been hand-stitching one-of-a-kind appliqué and mixed media collages featuring her favorite birds and butterflies. Whenever she finds a little extra time, she enjoys sharing her bird-stitching techniques at small in-person workshops in her home.

Ann was featured in the Winter 2022/23 issue of What Women Create magazine and more recently in The Digital Cloth - Holiday Issue 5.

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Betz White

Embroidery on Knits

Betz is a designer specializing in a unique offering of playful patterns, curated kits, and online classes for the modern maker.

Betz is the author of three top-selling sewing and crafting books and has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show and in a variety of magazines such as Country Living, Where Women Create, and Vogue Patterns. She's the mom of 2 grown children and is empty-nesting with her husband and dog in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

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Blair Stocker | Wise Craft Handmade

Chicken Scratch Embroidery

Blair Stocker is a modern quilter, author, and instructor based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has a degree in Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising and spent over a decade in the apparel and fabric design industries for Marithé and François Girbaud, Nautica, and Unionbay. She still loves a seasonal runway show but now translates that inspiration into quilts instead of clothing.

Her design work features upcycled fabrics that are thoughtfully juxtaposed with color combinations that feel unexpected or clashing, as well as adding surface interest to her work with hand stitching. Blair’s brand, Wise Craft Handmade, features books, quilt patterns, online workshops, and an online membership program. 

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Ellie Beck

Sew a Cushion with an Invisible Zip 

Ellie Beck is a textile artist, author, photographer, and creative maker. She works in an intuitive way, allowing process a guide along her journey of listening to her own stories.

Ellie works with natural fibres to create improv quilts, slow stitched pieces, and small works, mostly using her own naturally dyed materials.

Ellie’s book ‘Mindful thoughts for Makers’ shares her way of living by slowing down, creating small moments in our lives and connecting our head, heart and hands in our creative making.

She lives in the rainforest in Northern NSW, Australia, with her family of five. Her home studio (which often means the kitchen table, the loungeroom floor or veranda) is filled with creative mess from her whole family; watching her three children explore their own creative passions is one of the things that continues to inspire Ellie in her work. 

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Embroidery Art by Nat

Mixed Media Watercolor and Embroidery Project

Natalie is a Ukrainian embroidery artist based in Moncton (NB Canada) where she immigrated together with her husband and 2 cats a year ago because of war. She learned the basics of embroidery from her grandma in childhood and now she turned it into a successful career allowing her to work from any place on the planet. She creates her own embroidery designs and makes detailed video courses. She loves that she gets to share her love of embroidery with people all around the world helping them to relax and be creative too.

Her other passion is watercolor and in her exclusive video for the Making Zen event, she will show how to combine watercolor with hand embroidery and create a beautiful mixed-media piece of art.

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Isabella Strambio

Macrame Workshop

Isabella is a macrame artist, mentor, and author known for her contemporary art using natural materials and the ancient art of knotting. With three published macrame books and a range of online courses for all skill levels, she is the go-to expert in mastering this ancient craft. Isabella hosts workshops and retreats across the UK and Europe, inspiring macrame enthusiasts and fostering creativity.

Isabella believes in the innate creativity within everyone, guiding individuals to weave artistic expression into their daily lives. Join her on a journey where tradition meets innovation, and discover the joy of macramé under her expert guidance.

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Jayne Emerson

No Rules Hand-Stitching

Jayne is an established textile designer, author and tutor working from her rural studio in Gloucestershire, England. She creates innovative textile concepts that provide the ‘seeds of ideas’ for international fashion and interior brands. Her clients include Dior, Chanel, YSL and Louis Vuitton.

Drawing inspiration from traditional techniques, Jayne fearlessly reinvents and combines them to create unique ‘fabric recipes’. Using primarily vintage and reclaimed fabrics, her studio is a treasure trove of inspiration.

Everything has potential and the possibilities are endless!

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Jen Strauser

Kawandi Style Quilting

Jen Strauser was bitten by the quilting bug in 1999. She has been enthusiastically exploring the art of quilting ever since, mastering new techniques often. From precision piecing, to needle turn applique, from free motion quilting to English paper piecing, Jen has tried it all.

Her passion and talent have won national and local awards as well as earned her publication in many magazines. Jen lives in New Jersey and Florida with her family, where she designs patterns and teaches quilting.  Welcoming new quilters into the craft brings her joy. 

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Kate Ward

Make a Multi-Purpose Pouch

Kate Ward is an Australian interdisciplinary artist, curator and educator with over twenty years experience working and teaching in the Arts. Her interests include ceramics, jewelry, printmaking, and intermedia, but her heart lies with textile arts.

Kate’s been able to combine her love of art with her love of travel, studying and creating all over the world, including participating in an exchange at Kyoto Seika University - a dream for someone with Kate’s fascination and respect for Japanese culture and aesthetics.

Prompted by her passions for textiles, sustainability, and living meaningfully, Kate started focusing on Zen Stitching in 2020. By embracing the beautiful and practical designs of sashiko stitching, Kate is not only mending clothes, but also reducing textile waste and practicing mindfulness.

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Lisa Goddard

Fabric Moths and Butterflies

Lisa is a mixed media artist and tutor living in the UK. She is passionate about mixed media art, art journaling and bookmaking. Lisa completed a Fine art degree 20 years ago and has since then been developing her own unique style using paper and fabric to create work that is full of colour and texture.

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Liz Haywood

Sew Yourself a Hat

Liz Haywood is a former industry patternmaker who enjoys home sewing and making things. She worked in factories in Australia and the UK across a wide range of garment types, including bridal, made to measure, uniforms, active wear and fashion ranges. She also taught sewing.

She witnessed (and helped create) the volumes of fabric scraps generated by clothing factories, but it was considered so normal no-one ever discussed it, except to ask if it was bin day.

Eight years ago she read about zero waste patterncutting, and immediately clicked with it. Four years ago went hard core and decided to only make zero waste patterns from now on.
Liz is the author of The Dressmaker's Companion, Zero Waste Sewing and A Year of Zero Waste Sewing. She lives in country Australia with her family.

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Liz Kettle

Metal Leaf and Foils on Fabric and Paper

Liz adores fabric, stitching and mixing up her media with whatever is close at hand. She passionately believes that creating and making is the secret sauce that makes a rich full life and everyone would be happier if creating was a part of their daily experience. Liz is passionate about teaching others the joy of making and benefits of the creative process. Liz has been teaching since 2006 when her first book was published. Her classes are designed to have fun, be experimental and make a delicious mess while unearthing your unique artistic voice. In addition to having written multiple books and magazine articles, Liz is the creator of the Stitch Meditation® Process. This process brings together mindfulness and creative experience in a daily practice that reduces stress, relaxes the body and engages the right brain. 

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Mirjam Gielen

Stitch Goddesses

Mirjam is a Dutch textile artist creating organic embroidery. She is inspired by nature, especially by its patterns, colours and textures. She uses eco printed and eco dyed fabrics as a natural environment for her stitches to feel at home.

She started her career as a textile artist while writing books for children and young adults. Making 'wordless' art with threads and fabrics turned out to be the ideal way to refresh her brain in between chapters and double her creativity. Over the years this practice grew into something more serious.

Sharing her process, knowledge and experience with others, is what makes her happy. 

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Nicki Franklin

Hand-Embroidered Sewing Pouch

Nicki has been stitching and making since a very young age, taught initially by her Mum and maternal grandmothers.  Stitching in later years has helped Nicki's mental health incredibly and this is something she aims to share through The Stitchery.

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Ozden Dora Clow

Meditative Needle Lace

Ozden Dora Clow merges traditional techniques with a contemporary vision in an exploration of embroidery and needle lace. Whether figurative or abstract, key themes include time, touch, and trace. Her self-taught practice is a product of her past musical background, millinery expertise, life-altering events and vibrant childhood inspirations related to her Icelandic ad Turkish origins.
Her passion for textiles began in childhood when she would draw fashion collections and costumes for an imagined stage. She fully embarked on the textile art journey some 16 years ago, in London and hasn’t turned back since. Her works are regularly exhibited in France and elsewhere and present in private collections in many countries.

Ozden’s other art related work includes illustration, such as for published poetry. She is also a devoted teacher and really enjoys learning new traditions and techniques.

Ozden lives in the beautiful city of Strasbourg, France.

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Pippa Haynes

Stitching in 3D:
Embroidery techniques to give dimension to your stitching

Lemon Pepper Studio was established by Pippa Haynes in 2017 and began as an exploration into preserving nature through the medium of thread. Born from a love of the great outdoors it celebrates both the art of hand embroidery and the magic of nature.

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Rakefet Hadar

Creating your SoulFabric

Rakefet Hadar lives in Israel and works as an Art Therapist and mixed media artist She loves to incorporate fabrics and needlework in her visual journals.

Rakefet developed her method, SoulPages™ (SP) journaling, and teaches it worldwide through her digital and live courses.

Rakefet published two books that are very successful on Amazon: Layers of Meaning- elements of Visual Journaling and Color Archetypes

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Selina Ben

Traditional Chinese Cloud Motif Appliqué

Selina Ben is a textile artist and mender based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With a professional background in textile product development, her passion for textiles has existed for as long as she can remember. Selina is inspired by historical textiles around the world. Her curiosity about why the textiles were significant to a place, what materials were used and how they were made stimulates her creativity. With her practice, she hopes to preserve disappearing techniques, honor unknown makers and their cultural heritage.

Witnessing landfills overloaded with textile waste, Selina chooses to work with pre-used fabrics. All the signs of wear and tear on the fabrics are a source of inspiration for her creative process. With her hands, needles and threads, she brings the fabrics to a new phase of their lives so that people can start looking at our relationships with textiles differently.

Selina believes stitching by hand is the best form of meditation. The repetitive motions of arms, wrists, fingers, needle and thread bring peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. As time goes by, the grounded feeling arises, the positive energy grows, and a new work is born.

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Trixi Symonds

Teaching Kids to Sew: Sew your Own Zenki Softie!

Trixi Symonds is an author, softie designer and has been teaching kids to sew for over 30 years.

She is the author of The Zenki Way: A Guide to Designing & Enjoying Your Own Creative Softies and Sew Together Grow Together.

She is also the founder of Sew a Softie, a global iniative to inspire adults to sew with kids.

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Youngmin Lee

3D Jogakbo Coaster

Youngmin Lee is a textile artist uses bojagi tradition and techniques to create her work. Her interest in textiles led her to study Clothing and Textile in college and received an MFA in Fashion Design in South Korea. She has researched bojagi making and techniques and endeavor to apply her findings to both in traditional and contemporary art. She actively works on preserving the bojagi tradition that embodies the philosophy of recycling and up-cycling, as the works are made from pieces of fabric leftover from other projects. She founded the Korean Textile Tour in 2017 to introduce Korean traditional textile art and culture to bridge broader audiences. Her works are collected in the US and internationally including the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Her new book, Bojagi: The Art of Korean Textiles with Techniques and Project, is coming in July 2024.

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