My Why


Hi, I'm Kate!

I think everyone should get to experience the joy of connecting to others through learning, experimenting, and creating. Making Zen aims to help make those connections by introducing diverse artists from all over the world to a global community of learners of all experience levels. We provide a space to share projects, ideas, and inspiration to keep each other motivated and our community thriving.

Making Zen is about much more than creating art. It’s about using art as a medium to:

  • make space for peace and for our own thoughts in the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives

  • connect with fellow creators in a meaningful way

  • connect with our environment and what’s around us

I am a strong believer in starting where you are and using what you have, wherever and whatever that may be. Creativity doesn’t have to be expensive or wasteful, and I do my best to work with artists who share that belief. Whether we’re using natural materials, reusing materials, or shopping our own stashes first, creating mindfully goes beyond being present in the moment - it extends to being mindful of our environment and the other communities around us, too.

That’s why I also donate a portion of our profits to support CARE International, an organization working to fight poverty and achieve social justice. 

Beyond that, the profits from this event also help support local small businesses, local farmers, and of course, help make sure the contributing artists are paid fairly for their work, time, and knowledge.